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Absolutely Golden is dedicated to providing you the information you need regarding your Golden.  If you have any questions about the products we offer please ask us.  To contact us, email:
contact @ absolutelygolden.com (remove the spaces)



Yes, Goldens need to be groomed.  If you plan to do all of your own grooming, we highly recommend that you use professional grade shears.  This will not only make your job easier, the shears will last a lifetime without the constant need of sharpening.  For the occasional touch-up, or grooming sessions between visits to a professional, we offer a less expensive line of shears that will do the job.  All of our shears are made by Millers Forge, a leader in their industry, and the choice of many professionals.

If you are unfamiliar with how to groom your Golden, we have found a website that provides excellent information and instruction.  Click the following link for instructions on basic grooming of the feet, nails, ears and tail.  Morningsage Goldens Grooming

Most Goldens have sensitive skin, which is why we recommend Sebolux. You can bathe your dog in Sebolux as often as you like, without ever having to worry about drying out their coat. It is a medicated shampoo and really does wonders for their coat. Sebolux is a concentrated shampoo so we recommend that you mix it with an equal amount of water. Simply use an empty dishwashing liquid bottle for mixing. It will be easier to use and last longer too. Using Sebolux will give your Golden a beautiful coat that shines.  Return to Sebolux Shampoo.

Almost every Golden needs to have their ears cleaned a minimum of once a week. Some may require cleaning more often to avoid ear infections. Eight out of ten Goldens that come into rescue have an ear infection because no one cleaned them. It is extremely important that their ears be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid ear infections and hemotomas. Hemotomas are very painful to a dog, and costly for the owner. If you have a Golden that swims a lot, their ears should be cleaned everytime they come out of the water. We recommend Nolvansan. It is a quality product that will not leave the ear looking greasy.  Return to Ear Cleansing Solution.

Styptic Powder - This is an absolute must if your are planning to do the nails yourself. It is important to have a styptic powder on hand in case you accidentally clip the dog's "quick" while you are doing their nails. We offer "Top Performance" made with Benzocaine, which helps alleviate the pain as well as stop the bleeding.  Return to Stypic Powder.

Pet Nail File – Clipping the nails can create rough edges. You will want a file to smooth the nail after clipping, thus avoiding being scratched when your dog "paws" you for a pet.  Return to Nail File.

Porcupine Brush – The choice of professional groomers. This brush simply does a better job on a Goldens coat because it has bristles and tips. The bristles on the brush polish the coat as the dog brushed, helping to maintain the coat's natural shine. Porcupine brushes are more expensive than the standard pin brush, but for the owner serious about keeping their Golden beautiful, brushed and groomed, it is well worth the extra money.  Return to Porcupine Bristle Brush.

Small Slicker – You may be asking, "Why would I want a small slicker when I have a big dog?" The reason we use the small slicker on a Golden is because it is much easier to get underneath their front and back legs, and to work delicate areas like behind the ears.  Return to Small Slicker.

Undercoat Rake - If you own a Golden this is a must. There are several times a year that your Golden will be shedding excessively. This is the tool that can keep the hair in your house under control. This tool is designed to remove the dead undercoat that a regular brush will not. There are a number of undercoat rakes on the market, but this is the one that works well for a Golden. We do not recommend that you use it on their tail or ears. When your dog is shedding so bad that you are finding tuffs of hair all over your house, you know it is time to get out the undercoat rake.  Return to Undercoat Rake.

Stripping Knife - Some Goldens get what we refer to as "dead white hair". It is usually located on their shoulders, front & rear legs, and behind their ears. It is impossible to get it out with a regular comb or brush. The stripping knife is designed to remove the dead white hair.  Return to Stripping Knife.

Stripping Stone - This is another alternative to remove the dead white hair from a Golden's coat. You simply rub the stone on the dead white hair and it comes off on the stripping stone. The stripping knife will do a little better job, but for a quick touch up or an inexpensive option, this works wonders!  Return to Stripping Stone.

46 Tooth Thinning Shears – When grooming a Golden, you simply want to thin certain areas. The more teeth a thinning shear has, the less gap it will leave when cutting. Absolutely Golden offers 3 options of thinning shears - economy, mid-range and professional. Most websites with information on grooming a Golden Retriever will recommend the Millers Forge Gold Line.  These shears offer quality cutting at a price less than the Millers Forge Professional shear. What you need to know about the Gold Line shear is that Millers Forge has recently change the design to 37 teeth.

Absolutely Golden also carries professional shears made by the  Micro Surgical Company.  These shears have become our favorites, offering superb cutting quality at an incredible price.
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Freeze Dried Liver Treats – Like we said in the product description, you won’t believe what your dog will do for one of these! They are great for obedience training and for just getting your dog to do something that they don’t particularly want to do. Had you rather wrestle an 80-pound Golden into the bathtub, or have them eagerly jump in for a treat? Be careful when using these to not give too many in one session. They are expensive, so chances are your won’t.  Return to Liver Treats.



How to choose the right pet toy.

Toys should be a part of every dog’s life. Most dogs are energetic and giving them the appropriate toy can control some of that energy. But you need to choose carefully. Toys can be dangerous to your pet. Balls and other toys that are too small can easily be swallowed or become lodged in a dog's mouth or throat. Discard toys which break into pieces, or have pieces torn off. Discard toys with parts inside, once the inside is exposed. Pay particular attention to your dog’s chewing habits and pick toys that are suitable for their level of chewing.

Aggressive chewers

tear toys apart. Parts can be lodged in the mouth or throat, and can even kill a pet, if swallowed. Aggressive chewers should only have durable, hard rubber or nylon toys.

Semi-aggressive chewers

don't tear toys apart, but will chew enough to cause wear on a toy. Semi-aggressive chewers should have canvas, plush, fleece, berber or rope toys. These toys are softer, but will not come apart easily.

Understanding your dog's chewing habits and preferences make it much easier for you to determine what type of toys best suit your dog.

Hard Rubber and Nylon Pet Toys

Toys like Kongs and Nylabones are great for more aggressive chewers. They are durable, and some pet toys like Kongs can even have a treat inserted inside which adds to its interest.  Sterilized Natural Bones also make good toys for aggressive chewers.

Rope Pet Toys

Made with either nylon or cotton rope material, these toys are ideal for semi-aggressive chewers. They’re great for dogs that love to play tug-of-war. They also aid in dental care by providing a flossing action when you dog chews.

Plush, Berber, Canvas and Fleece Pet Toys

Theses toys generally suitable for the semi-aggressive chewer and are always a favorite for the dog that likes to carry a toy around. Because of the stuffing inside the toy, they should not be given to an aggressive chewer. Also, they often contain a "squeaker" or "talker" inside. If you notice tears in the toy, discard it and replace it with a new one.


Collar, Leads and Training Aids

Sporn No-Pull Halter - Sometimes, walking your Golden is not a pleasant experience.  Many Goldens are hard to control on a lead, and given their zest for life, pull hard to try and experience all the joys of the outing.  There are a couple of really good solutions for this problem.  One is spending many hours (and sometimes a lot of money) training your dog to walk on a lead.  While this is the best option, some of us just don't have the time.  The other option is the Sporn No-Pull Halter.  This is by far one of the best products we have found for controlling the hard to control Golden.  

What our customers are saying about the Sporn No-Pull Halter:

"Just wanted to let you know that the Sporn Training Collar has worked very well with Wolfie!! We are able to walk and run with no problems anymore...in fact Wolfie listens much more now while we are running! Thanks!!!"
Crystal and James - Raleigh, NC

"Just a quick note to tell that the No-Pull harnesses I purchased from you for my two 14-month old Border Collies are wonderful.  Walking them on my Leash-for-Two is now a true pleasure.  Endless thanks!"
Ginny - Herndon, VA

"I received the Sporn Halter today.  Thank you very much for your super quick shipment and excellent service.  My golden retriever mix and I both enjoy our walks much more now."
Maureen - Ontario, NY

"I got our package and the halter works great!!!!  My 8 year old feels like she can walk our 92lb Golden."
Nancy - Westlake Village, CA

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